The Mayer Mansion

The building with the most representative facade on today’s Rákóczi Street is the former Mayer Mansion. In its place stood the house and premises of József Lengyel (1832-1895), a merchant of building materials and wine, the first village mayor’s counselor of Israelite religion in Marcali. His son-in-law, Dr. Ignác Mayer (1856-1932), opened his law office […]

Town Hall

Since the 18th century, a ground-floor building housing the administrative affairs of the community has stood on the site of the current town hall in Marcali. In its immediate vicinity, the new village hall was built around 1900 and extended in 1914. In 1942 the council of the settlement entrusted László Csomós with designing a […]

“Gömbös-House” – Four-storey apartment building

At the time of resettlement in 1802, the house at 13 Main Street was already standing, and it was owned by bootmaker György Richter. In the middle of the century, it belonged to Dr. János Szabó, a doctor and “surgeon scientist”. István Gömbös, a master gingerbread-maker, founded his business in Marcali in 1890, and in […]

Künzelsau Square

On the southern part of today’s square stood the Quarterhouse, built in 1806, the so-called “Small County Hall”, which housed the office of the Chief Constable between 1871 and 1941. After 1945, one of the first public parks in Marcali was created on the site, which became vacant after demolition. In the middle of it, […]

Schwetz – Lángi – Csomós – Kandler – Gvardian – Houses

On the site of the present-day Marcali Department Store there was a residential building built in the 18th century, owned by joiner Jakab Lángi in 1859, and by master shoemaker Annók  around 1900. It was demolished in 1925, and a new residential building was built in its place by master builder Gergely Csomós on the […]

Kopári corner – Hotel Korona

In the 18th century, the inn of the landowning family Széchényi stood on the corner of Kanizsai (today Széchenyi) and Kéthelyi (today Rákóczi) streets in Marcali. The old inn was rebuilt from brick between 1771-87 and then expanded into a U shape. From 1875, the hotel, later known as Korona, had new owners: It was […]

From the Kopári Corner to the Courthouse

There were four houses south of the District Courthouse to the Korona hotel. In the period between 1859 and 1945, various shops and service providers followed each other in these buildings. From the right to the left, the first one was a café and restaurant (owned by Simonics, Baán and finally Gombócz), the second one […]

District Courthouse in Marcali

The “predecessor” of the building was built in the 18th century, and meetings of the County Council were held in it between 1718 and 1752. In 1928, the current Courthouse was built by master builder László Csomós based on the plans of architect Lóránt Almási Balogh on the site of the “Big County Hall” (the […]

Office of the Chief Constable – Party Headquarters – Financial Institution

Based on a map from 1859, we know that the first house north of the Courthouse belonged to Gáspár Spiegel. Later, the secessionist style house of lawyers László and Révay was built here. In 1941, the two-storey building for the office of the Chief Constable and the official residence was built on its site. From […]

The Post Office building

In 1859, the house of Antal Melhardt stood in the northern neighborhood of the present bank building, on the site of which lawyer János Lehner built his house, where he had his law office from 1938. After the nationalization, it was used simultaneously as a police station and a pharmacy, and eventually became the headquarters […]