Office of the Chief Constable – Party Headquarters – Financial Institution

Based on a map from 1859, we know that the first house north of the Courthouse belonged to Gáspár Spiegel. Later, the secessionist style house of lawyers László and Révay was built here. In 1941, the two-storey building for the office of the Chief Constable and the official residence was built on its site. From 1948 it was used by the District Party Committee (MDP, later MSZMP) and the local Pioneers Association, and after 1977 it also served as the headquarters of the Municipal Party Committee (MSZMP). Behind the building, the local headquarters of the workers’ militia and the garages for the vehicles used by them were located here. In front of the Party Headquarters, there was a tribune on the occasion of public holidays, which used to be a key venue for the Mayday processions. Since then, banks have been operating in the building (Budapest Bank, Kéthely and its Area Savings Bank, M7 Savings Bank, Savings Bank).

1.| The statue called “The Accuser” and the MSZMP Headquarters (Picture postcard detail, 1958)

2.| Map of Rákóczi Street by László Csomós, which also reflects the situation at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries (Map sketch, 1959)

3.| The view of the west side of Rákóczi Street from south to north: block of flats, Courthouse, Party Headquarters (Photograph, 1970)

4.| The buildings of the western half of Rákóczi Street in the section between the Party Headquarters and the Inner Barracks (Photograph: Béla Jávori, 1974)

5.| The bank building in 2022 (Photograph: József Ilácsa)

6.| May Day procession in the second half of the 1970s. In the background, the buildings of the western row of Rákóczi Street (Photograph, 1970s)