From the Kopári Corner to the Courthouse

There were four houses south of the District Courthouse to the Korona hotel.

In the period between 1859 and 1945, various shops and service providers followed each other in these buildings. From the right to the left, the first one was a café and restaurant (owned by Simonics, Baán and finally Gombócz), the second one was the joinery of Ambrus Melhardt.

The third one was the hardware store of Márton Gellén, the fourth one the tailor shop of Sándor Kovács, then the law office of Béla Somogyi, and later the pharmacy of József Németh. This row of houses was demolished in the first half of the 1970s, and a row of three-storey buildings with shops on the ground floor was erected on this part of the street.

1.|Southern neighbors of the District Courthouse (from the right to the left): café and restaurant, joinery, hardware store (Postcard, around 1910)

2.| The District Courthouse and the southern row of houses (Postcard, 1930s)

3.| The row of houses on Rákóczi Street before demolition (Photograph, 1970s)

4.| The residence of the tailor Sándor Kovács and the pharmacy operating in it (Photograph: László Csomós, 1960s)

5.| Row of houses renovated in 2021 (Photograph: József Ilácsa)

6.| The apartment buildings on the west side of Rákóczi Street (Photograph, 1970s)