Every trophy is a memorial

The exhibition „Every trophy is a memorial” presents the life and activity of  count Zsigmond Széchenyi. The school carries his name since 2002.  Other exhibits show trophies from the hunting trips of Dr. Antal Pongrácz  during the last 15 years.

Count Zsigmond Széchenyi  was a successful hunter and a well known writer of  hunting stories. He was born in Nagyvárad in 1898 and from his early years he was distinguished by his passion for hunting.  Between 1927 and 1963-64 he went  on nine hunting expeditions toAfrica,  travelled toAlaskain 1935 and  toIndiain 1938. The count knew all hunting grounds of Hungary and went on hunting trips all over Europe from Scotland to the Alps and the Carpathians.

During the communist regime he was imprisoned and deported  and was later allowed to work as an assistant in the castle of the town Keszthely.  Between 1958 and 1964 he had again the opportunity to make game-hunting expeditions toAfricato replace what was lost at theAfricaexhibition of theNationalMuseum.  He died inBudapestin 1967.

The present exhibition was organized by the school of Szöcsénypuszta in cooperation with the  Museum for Local History, Marcali and the Hungarian Natural History Museum.